"Island Getaway"

by Rose Bak

It was supposed to be a relaxing vacation – until a stray dog crashed into their lives.
A Midlife Vacation Romance
# Adventure
# Comedy
# Romance
# Seasoned
# Contemporary

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They’ve just concluded one of the largest cases in the history of Portland’s FBI office and now agents Michelle and Gary are ready to try something new: relaxing. It’s their first vacation as a couple and lounging on the beach in Hawaii over the Thanksgiving holiday sounds like the perfect way to unwind and reconnect as a couple. But when a dog named Chester convinces them to follow him, things start to get a little hairy. Or furry… Chasing criminals and rescuing animals isn’t how they imagined spending their island getaway, but Gary and Michelle love their jobs, love each other, and now they love their new canine partner. But can the scrappy island dog be part of their happily ever after? “Island Getaway” is a contemporary midlife romance. This short story includes a stubbornly independent woman, a silver fox FBI agent, and a dog who’s a little too smart for his own good.